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[Good News] CREP Optoelectronics obtained new invention patent certificate


             A new invention patent applied by CREP Optoelectronics has obtained the invention patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China. The company has recently obtained the patent certificate as below:

          The invention discloses a rotary color temperature device which is connected between LED light source and LED drive power; the LED light source of the lamp comprises at least two LED units with different color temperatures, each LED unit is provided with a positive conductive terminal and a negative conductive terminal. The rotary color temperature device comprises a wiring female head and a rotary switch disposed at the end of the wiring female, the positive conductive terminal of each LED unit is connected to the positive pole of the LED drive power through the wiring female head, and the negative conductive terminal of the LED unit controls its on or off to the drive power with rotary switch.Through the above design, the end users switch the line connection mode of the negative terminal inside the wiring female by rotating the rotary switch, thereby switching the LED units to emit light with different color temperature.

The application of the invention patent has benefits as below :

1. Reduce the inventory of different color temperature lamps and increase the liquidity of customers;

2. Save the storage space of customers;

3. With simple operation, it can give the end user more choice of color temperature;

4. It can meet the needs of different color temperature for end users, and promote the sales of customers.

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