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The Concept of Dimming Lights


Dimmable led light, the lighting brightness can be adjusted according to the requirements of customers, so as to affect the indoor light and shade, and set off different indoor environment atmosphere. Incandescent lamp and metal halide lamp is more widely applied in the field of dimmer, but with the constant promotion of energy conservation and emissions reduction, adjustable LED light after conquering the dimming technical barriers, started to present development trend, adjustable LED light and LED intelligent infrared lamp, LED sound electric together referred to as the LED intelligent series, such as in the increasingly fierce competition in the LED lamps and lanterns of normal price today, LED intelligent has become the development direction of large LED lighting company.

At present, LED dimming can be divided into silicon controlled dimming and remote control. However, the current market is dominated by silicon controlled dimming technology due to the complex signal information of remote control technology and the difficulty in controlling the brightness.

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